What ASICU is?

ASICU =  As I see you (portrait photos)

I am impassioned by human beings. I invented ASICU to see them on my way and  they may see themselves… as I see them during the time we pass together. The images are the results of five elements:

  • the light
  • time (one hour and half)
  • my camera
  • myself
  • and, the center of all that, the fifth element: YOU, the person to be seen and and shown on the pictures

The light

I like the natural light. Then, if possible, I prefer to work with the sunshine. The most beautiful light, I find, is that of the morning and the late afternoon. Of course, we can make photos inside in a well lit room – for example in a theatre. For me the light is very important, I selected the title of my site: Lumi-R (to be read as the French word for light: lumiere). Where to take the photos? It is suggested and decided be the subject of session:  YOU.


About an hour and half. According to my studies and experience to spend 90 minutes together it is just enough so that the person in front of me opens, that we can have confidence one towards the other and keep our attention focused and concentrated.

My camera

I chose my camera with much care and attention, according to my own specific criteria. Like: digital, quiet operation, large zoom (teleobjective), neutral appearance, min. 10 M pixels and some others. I currently use Lumix FZ-50 (in its name there is already the light, “lumos”, as well).


I might have been born to become photographer. My father was a well-known photographer in Hungary (and elsewhere). So was his father, too. It is him who gave me the desire and who taught me photography. I started to work with him at 14. After photography I learned psychology in Canada and I continued with  psychodrama in Hungary. I like to see people: their body, their glance, their spirit, their “existence”, “gestalt”, as “one”. And, I hope to see them, for of all,  with my heart


The fifth element, it is – of course – YOU. It is you who are in the middle of my attention. It is for you, of you and with you that I make the images. It is you who selected the place and time, where and when.